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What does a Video Game Designer do?

If you are a video gamer extraordinaire, become a Video Game Designer! Have you ever played a game and knew you could design better graphics or plots? Then becoming a video game designer may be the career for you. Step one is often being a game player yourself. Why not take a hobby of playing a game and turn it into a career of designing one? The job outlook for this career is continually rising and the gaming industry continues to grow and expand.

Become a video game designer: your gaming skills put to the test

There are several aspects involved in video game design:

  • Artist, or visual
  • Sound
  • Programming
  • Testing

video game designer

You can work in any one of these processes, or you may explore all of them throughout your career. As with most professions, communication is one of the top-listed skills in the designing of a video game, often because you work with a team. Quality communication skills may prove most beneficial for advancing your career, especially when it comes to running a development team for the creation of your own video game.

The ability to write and communicate your ideas, as well as persuade others that the ideas will work, is often necessary. English or art skills are very likely to be required for several components of video game design. Computer programming and software design skills may also be important, depending on what part of the design team you are on.

Learning more than what’s on the screen

Educational requirements vary depending on the industry you choose. One of the main degrees used in association with video game design is computer science, but English and art degrees are also common, as well as classes in creative writing, theater, and other design courses meant to enhance the designers’ abilities to create games that sell. So, choosing which part of the design team you’d like to work with can alter which degree program may best suit your needs. Some universities are even starting to create degree programs for video game designers.

Playing your way to the top

With video game design training, your skills can be applied to the gaming industry in multiple fields:

  • Military
  • Education
  • Health
  • Recreational

Casino gaming is also a popular industry for game designers. You can work your way up to a video design team leader and make choices on what to leave in games and what to leave out, as well as which graphics and plots you want for your game.

Since the field is rapidly growing, your chances for promotion and movement to a company that you want to work for increase with your experience.

If gaming is all you think about, all you do, and all you want to do, video game designer is the career for you. Imagine your own world, your own characters, your own plots, and then make it happen.

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