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aerospace engineer

What does an Aerospace Engineer do?

Every day millions of people all over the world take to the skies in a wide range of aircraft, from single engine planes to gigantic shuttles designed to carry hundreds of passengers. Each of these planes was once only a vision deep inside an aerospace engineer’s mind, one which came into existence through the skilled work and testing of its creator.

An aerospace engineer has been trained to design airplanes, spaceships, new forms of aircraft, and even satellites and missiles for use by the military. They also test all prototypes to ensure they work as designed. Because of the work they do, aerospace engineers have taken us to the moon, have designed the devices that have taken flight beyond our solar system, and allow us to reach our destinations easily and comfortably through the use of their creations.

The profession is challenging and enjoyable, and has direct applications that can benefit humankind. Today, aerospace engineers have come to realize that the sky is no longer the limit and are looking for new and exciting ways to apply their knowledge to take us beyond the limits of what we know, making this one of the most sought after careers.

What sort of training and education will prepare me to become an aerospace engineer?

When you are looking to become an aerospace engineer, you will need to place a large focus on subject such as math, physics, aerodynamics, computer science, and chemistry during high school. As you enter college you will have to major in engineering, which will advance your skills in this area to prepare you for an advanced degree in aeronautical engineering.

Once you have graduated, you will very likely enter the workforce as a junior engineer, but experience and continued training will allow you to step up the ranks until you earn a position that will allow you to research and work on original products, giving way to breakthroughs in all areas of aeronautics and design. Being an aerospace engineer will require great knowledge of current and new technology, which is why it is said that you will never stop learning new things, making it one of the most satisfying careers in existence today.

What does an Auto Mechanic do?

When working as an auto mechanic, you will be working in a field that is a backbone to society. Every day, millions of people all over the country use an automobile for work, school, or personal reasons. The ability for society to travel all over the country each and every day is crucial, and it’s the skilled auto mechanics which help to make this happen.

An auto mechanic is trained to inspect, diagnose, and repair a vehicle. They can perform repairs on a vehicle’s body, tires, brakes, engine, exhaust, and more. The difficulty of these repairs can vary from the simplest repairs such as an oil change, to some of the most advanced and complicated repairs like rebuilding an engine. An auto mechanic will have the skills and the capability to perform these services on cars, trucks, buses, and other forms of transportation.

auto mechanic

What sort of training and education will prepare me to become an auto mechanic?

To truly excel as a mechanic, most people will need some form of a postsecondary training. This training can consist of a vocational program which can last up to a year, or even a two-year associates degree. This training will help students to prepare for a career as a mechanic, and the coursework can include information relating to math, computers, and of course, auto repair itself.

In addition to receiving form of training, most mechanics should strive to receive a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Certification from this institute is offered in eight auto mechanic fields, and mechanics who wish to receive this certification should have at least two years of experience. Upon successfully obtaining this certification, many new auto mechanic jobs will become available for a mechanic, further ensuring their success in the field.