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What does a Marketing Director do?

Ever watch a commercial and know that it’s not doing its job to sell the product? Ever see an advertisement and love the angle the company went with? Well, as a marketing director, you can steer a company toward their marketing goals, including choosing which promotions they use, as well as producing advertisements, promotions, marketing the company product and overseeing sales.

You could also be in charge of a marketing team, where you have the final say over what angle they want to use to market the company and be in charge of pricing strategies for the company.

marketing director

Angles of your own to promote

To become a marketing director, you should possess managerial and leadership skills. The position is often very competitive and strong communication skills as well as creativity can get you ahead in the business and land you the job.

Computer skills are necessary. Experience in the field is a great angle to get you in the door. Another quality that is also preferred is the ability to speak more than one language, especially Spanish.

Limitless career possibilities

As a marketing director, you have the free will to choose what company you want to work for. You can base this decision around your hobbies or passions if you choose. Most companies, large or small, have marketing directors. So, one of the perks of this field, is you could work for a toy company, a hair products company, a pet supply company, or even a health related company. Since most companies have this need, your options are very open on which company you want to work for, and you can look for a company that fits well with you.

An environment that sells

Marketing directors often spend a substantial amount of time at work. Sometimes this time is spent traveling to meet with current clients or perspective clients. You may also travel to local and regional meetings as part of the job. Sometimes, long hours and even weekends are required in this field.

Education for the market

Since the market is very competitive, a college education is usually required for the position. A bachelor’s degree is almost always preferred, and sometimes a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is required, especially with an emphasis in marketing.

Doing research and knowing the company you want to work for can also benefit you greatly. Some associations offer certification in certain programs for their marketing directors.

Going up the ladder

Certification is one of the leading ways to get promoted in the marketing industry, even though the number of places that offer certification is limited. Experience can help in the promotion process, but training programs can offer you a leg up in the field.

From marketing director, you could move into a management position within your company with the help of training programs and experience. Because of the visibility of the job, you could move into some of the highest ranks of the company from this position.

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