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What does a Marine Engineer do?

An engineer is responsible for developing and creating solutions for a wide variety of technical problems. They often do this by using mathematical principles, scientific knowledge and ingenuity. Engineers can assist in the construction of building structures and bridges, as well as develop machinery and computer systems.

A marine engineer, also known as a naval architect, is specifically responsible for the construction, design and maintenance of naval equipment. Though marine engineers work in a specific industry, they can design a wide variety of equipment, including the basic design and construction of ships, sailboats, tankers, cruise ships or aircraft carriers.

marine engineer

Education requirements for a marine engineer

A marine engineer will typically need a bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty before being considered for a position. Other possible degrees include natural sciences, such as physics or chemistry, and mathematics. Engineering degrees typically exist in more common fields such as civil, electrical or mechanical engineering.

Engineers that are trained in one specific industry, such as the naval industry, will learn about equipment and technical problems specific to water. Training for marine engineers is always changing as naval technology continues to advance.

Possible industries for a marine engineer

A marine engineer has a variety of industries in which he or she can pursue a career. The majority of engineers work for a general naval architecture or engineering firm. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these firms employ 22% of all marine engineers and naval architects.

Other, more specified career paths one can pursue are in the industries of ship and boat building, inland water transportation and deep sea, coastal and lake water transportations. Though these fields may require more technical training, they often do not have as high a salary as a naval architecture firm.

Job outlook for a marine engineer

The job outlook for an engineer is expected to grow as fast as the national average, according to the BLS. Though job opportunities are vastly different depending on the specific field, engineering employment is expected to grow by 11 percent. The job outlook for marine engineers is expected to be good since there are a limited amount of students pursuing this particular field.

The regions with the highest salaries for this position include Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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