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What does a Manager do?

A manager is an employee at a company that holds an organizational management title. Managers will often be the head of a department or branch of an organization, overseeing other employees and general production. Managers can be hired directly or promoted from within a company.

While many companies offer management opportunities, two popular positions include marketing managers and administrative services managers. Administrative services managers plan and oversee a wide variety of services that let companies operate resourcefully, such as facilities maintenance and record management. Marketing managers, on the other hand, will often work directly with the advertising and public relations departments to create a promotional plan for a company.


Educational requirements for a manager

While a large variety of educational backgrounds are found among managers, several companies prefer employees with college degrees. The most common degrees for marketing managers include marketing and business administration.

An individual pursuing an administrative services manager position at a small company with few responsibilities may only need a high school diploma or associate degree. Larger companies will often prefer an administrative services manager with a bachelor’s degree.

Career paths for a manager

In most companies, there is someone in charge of the marketing efforts, making a marketing manager a competitive position. The majority of marketing manager positions is filled through the promotion of existing personnel, meaning employees will often work in a similar field before becoming manager.

Administrative services manager positions are specific to individual companies. Organizations with several departments have a larger need for these types of managers. Administrative services managers are often promoted from technical positions within a company or transferred from different departments.

Job outlook for a manager

The job outlook for a marketing manager is expected to grow as fast as the national average. Since most companies employ marketing specialists, high competition is expected for this position.

The outlook for administrative services managers is also expected to grow as fast as the national average, However, as technology grows and administrative processes become streamlined, there may be less of a need for several administrative services positions at one company.

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