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logistics coordinator

What does a Logistics Coordinator do?

A logistics coordinator is an office administrative position that is responsible for a variety of roles. They are mainly in charge of handling the flow of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. However, no matter what type of business, they are also responsible for handling most day-to-day operations. Tasks may include:

  • Tracking inventory
  • Receiving inventory stock from the manufacturer
  • Managing projects
  • Creating daily and weekly reports to send out to coworkers
  • Collecting relevant information via telephone, mail services, email and websites
  • Handling coworker and guest’s traveling arrangements

logistics coordinator

Some positions require little education and experience. For smaller companies, logistics coordinators are hired entry-level to handle an office’s miscellaneous tasks. However, some employers require a highly specialized skill set and ample experience. These positions can hold great responsibility and offer a lucrative salary.

Educational requirements of a logistics coordinator

Office administrative positions, such as logistics coordinators, used to only require a high school diploma and little knowledge or experience with office operations. However, employers are increasingly looking for applicants with extensive computer knowledge and software applications, such as spreadsheets, project management, desktop publishing and specialized ordering and tracking programs.

Someone who is interested in pursing a career as a logistics coordinator can acquire these skills in a number of ways. High school vocational programs have been implementing these lessons into daily coursework. Another option is a one- or two-year office administrative program that teaches specific coursework focused on the necessary skills for a logistics coordinator.

Career paths of a logistics coordinator

A logistics coordinator can work in a wide range of fields. Any business that handles a flow of materials from one point to another may hire a logistics coordinator. A possible employer may be a small start-up company that needs someone to handle multiple tasks around an office. It could also be a very large company that demands very specific skill sets, such as a freight and transportation company or a healthcare department. The more specified the field, the more likely they will require work-related experience in specific software, transportation and inventory.

Job outlook of a logistics coordinator

Office administrative jobs are projected to grow about as fast as the national average. Since many of the positions are entry level, employers tend to eventually move up or go elsewhere. Therefore, there are typically a large amount of positions available at any given time.

Recently, there has been an increased amount of positions lost and replaced with new technology and automation software. However, many duties of a logistics coordinator are interactive and therefore not easily automated.

Industries that have the highest concentration of positions include business support services and depository credit intermediation.

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