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What does an Investment Advisor do?

Choosing a career as an investment advisor places you in the circles of high finance and on the path to a well-paying position. With a solid education in finance, you have the opportunity to understand the movement of money and its effects. Once you gain sufficient experience, you can become a major player in the field. The training required is rigorous and heavily dependent on the principles of accounting, banking, stock market activities, statistical analysis and sales. As an investment advisor, your success depends on helping clients invest their money wisely and seeing that money grow.

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Educational requirements for an investment advisor

A four year bachelor’s degree provides a solid grounding in finance and business principles. However, the Master of Business Administration is quickly becoming a minimum requirement for advancement in the field since there are a limited number of good positions and many candidates. The MBA normally takes two years more of study but adds quality to your credentials and leads to better job opportunities. Along with your academic training, you benefit by learning from the ground up. An internship gives you the chance to participate and depending on your performance, the possibility of permanent employment. Along with the MBA, certification as a chartered financial analyst further qualifies you for a favorable position in the field.

Investment advisor career paths

As an investment advisor, you can specialize in one or more fields. The stock market is fast moving and carries the potential for a large income. When helping clients increase their wealth, your compensation will grow along with their earnings. In banking, you help clients invest profitably and become a key player yourself. Real estate and insurance offer opportunities for an investment advisor to become a top business executive. In these careers, your social skills must be excellent and can lead to success and profitability.

Outlook for the future

The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees only average growth in this field, around 9 percent. Electronic financial participation by individuals has made investment easier for those individuals, but as a good investment advisor, your expertise can have a positive impact on their efforts. There are many candidates for available positions so you need to become very competitive and persistent in your efforts.

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