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What does an Interior Designer do?

Being an interior designer allows you to make the most of your creative abilities. Along with making interior spaces more beautiful, an interior designer also works at bringing functionality to the overall effect.

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Functionality includes bringing about optimum use of space, accessibility and safety while enhancing the environmental aspect of the surroundings and ultimately benefiting all who make contact with the final product.

Technology is a major component of the tools you have available. The computer can provide a graphic view of what you propose in order to facilitate feedback, modifications and approval from clients.

Basic requirements: must have flair

Although creativity is a driving force in becoming an interior designer, the career requires training and development of your skills. An associate degree gets you started on basic concepts and a bachelor’s degree rounds out the necessary coursework you need to attain professional status.

Courses include some of the following basics:

  • Architectural concepts
  • Computer aided design
  • Drafting
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Ergonomics

Detailed planning for residential, office, restaurant and special buildings are also skills you are likely to learn during your studies. Aesthetics continue to play a large role and your artistic abilities are very important. Business courses provide the knowledge to make your work financially practical.

Career paths for interior designers

Going to work for a design firm helps you gain valuable experience. A one- to three-year apprenticeship working with expert designers, architects and construction engineers provides you with real world experience and a feel for the career. Drawing on that guided experience, you can specialize in areas such as large office buildings, restaurants, theaters or individual residences.

Many interior designers become independent while others prefer the security of working for a company. Home furnishing stores use interior designers to provide individual services to clients. Different regions of the country also attract designers who specialize in designs specifically tailored to those regions.

Setting up: career and salary outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment for interior designers will increase 19, exceeding the average for expected national job growth. Nevertheless, job openings are competitive, so thorough training and experience provide the edge required to land the best jobs. You can also obtain certification from the National Council for Interior Design. This credential gives you additional stature in obtaining employment or bidding on jobs. You can find the necessary information at the website.

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