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What does an Insurance Adjuster do?

Do you like to help people and have a keen eye for details? Ever want to work in a job where you can apply detective-like skills? As an insurance adjuster, you can help clients after property damage or loss, or bodily injury. In addition, you can investigate these claims to make sure the proper party receives the settlement they are entitled to, or not entitled to. You can determine the validity of the claim and place a set value on what was lost.

insurance adjuster

Detecting the required skills

To be a successful insurance adjuster, you must be able to work with a wide variety of people. You must also be able to gather information, including taking photographs, statements, and write reports about claims that you receive. You can often work with professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, physicians, and accountants and other professionals who specialize in their field. These people can help you to support your report for the claim. You also might be working with the person who has filed the claim to help them receive what is rightfully theirs.

Fields of opportunity

Because many businesses offer insurance, you could work for several industries, depending on what field fits well with you: property, auto, health and life insurance. Of course, most insurance adjusters work with an insurance company, but the job can vary greatly depending on which company you choose.

Some adjusters report to work every morning, while others call in from home to see what their daily docket holds. Some spend most of their time traveling from place to place and reviewing claims. On some occasions, long travel is needed for claims that involve large losses.

An eye for detail can be learned

There are no official educational requirements for insurance adjusters. Most of the companies that you would work for offer on-the-job training. The more keen an eye for detail and the quicker you pick up on things, could mean the faster you move up in the field. Though there are no formal educational requirements, experience will help you move within the field, and it can be a competitive field.

Helping others is always in need

The insurance adjuster field is growing as fast as the average job. The need for adjusters is expected to grow close to ten percent over the next decade, so if you are wanting to get into the field, start now to get some experience under your belt. The best opportunities within this field fall with health insurance companies.

Adjusting to the pay and perks

Many adjusters can receive bonuses as part of their job. In addition, many adjusters receive laptops, smart phones, and company cars to do their business.

You also may get to travel, depending on what industry you work in. If you show competence in your adjustment field, it can lead to promotion to managerial and administrative jobs within the company you choose. So detailed work and experience can pay off in this field.

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