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What does a Contract Specialist do?

A contract specialist is someone that a company hires to be in charge of the various contracts the company enter into. A contract specialist holds a very important position within the business sector. Some of the duties a contract specialist may have are negotiating and closing business deals, soliciting contracts, acquiring new contracts and evaluating a contract’s performance once the initial deal has been made. A contract specialist may also have to renegotiate and extend contracts, as well as keep a watchful eye on any staff members they may have working with them.

contract specialist

Contract specialists are responsible for interpreting the terms and conditions of a contract accurately along with verifying the credentials of the company with which the contract is being negotiated. The contract specialist ensures the contract terms meet with the policies of the company in which he or she works as well as the guidelines that local and regional policies have set forth.

The level and agency that one would be working for makes a difference in the educational background you must receive to begin a career as a contract specialist. However, some of the general guidelines for becoming a contract specialist are pretty much the same across all positions. In most instances you must complete at least one academic year of college level business courses and coursework. If you would like to work for the federal government as a contract specialist you must obtain a bachelor’s degree. A private sector job usually requires a bachelor’s degree in a business management related field and possibly some paralegal or legal training as well. A few of the courses you may be required to take are: Acquisition of Commercial Items, Contract Claims, Ethics in Federal Contracting, Simplified Acquisition Procedures, and Service Contract Labor Standards Statute Overview.

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