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What does an Anesthesiologist do?

An Anesthesiologist is a doctor who specializes in anesthesiology. An anesthesiologist is present in any surgery, and it is their job to keep the patient comfortable throughout the surgery as well as the recovery. The anesthesiologist performs his job by monitoring a patient’s heart rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature, and the patient’s level of consciousness. The anesthesiologist will then administer the anesthetics that are used to keep the patient asleep during the surgery.

For obvious reasons, the anesthesiologist is one of the most important persons in an operating room. Without him, it’s unlikely that any surgery can be performed given the pain involved. As a result, anesthesiology is a high-stress role that has a direct impact on patients – keep this in mind if you are considering this as an option in the medical field.

What sort of training and education will prepare me to become an anesthesiologist?

A student who wishes to become an anesthesiologist should start by completing their undergraduate degree and taking a pre-med course of study. This will include an education relating to calculus, general chemistry, biology, and physics.

Upon completion of pre-med studies, the next step is for the student to attend a medical school and receive a degree in medicine or osteopathy. This will consist of an additional four years of graduate education, and will equip students with the knowledge that they need to become a trusted medical professional.

Finally, like most medical doctors, a student who completes both their bachelor’s as well as their graduate degrees will need to complete four years of an anesthesiology residency. This residency will consist of information relating to pain medicine, critical care medicine, and research and education. From here, additional training such as a main management fellowship, or training in pediatrics, is optional, but highly recommended for some students.

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